MBB is hosting a FREE mediation training!

When: April 14, 15, 21, and 22 (four full days, 32 hours)

Where: Oregon State University Campus, room TBD

What: Neighbor2Neighbor (N2N) Mediation is running a four day, 32 hour conflict resolution training workshop.  This 32 hour training counts as a state recognized professional qualification for mediators. Participants will learn communication skills, effective interest-based negotiation, conflict resolution theory and mediation techniques from a highly skilled trainer. The training will include lots of interactive exercises and mediation practice with former graduates of the training program (many of whom are OSU students or alumni). Upon graduation, students will have a solid understanding of the causes of conflict, mediation techniques, the role of the mediator, the ethics of mediation, the “business” of mediation and cross-cultural considerations. This training will also prepare students to mediate basic on-campus and community disputes.

Why: Conflict is a normal and inescapable element of human relationships and institutions. It is important to remember, however, that conflict brings with it the potential for reflection and constructive change.  Thus, it is essential that students be provided with the appropriate skills and venues to work through conflict that might arise in their personal, academic or professional lives. Traditional “chain of command” pathways for dealing with conflict in the university setting are intimidating for many students, often hard to negotiate, and can fail to take advantage of opportunities to transform personal relationships or spark systemic change. Student mediation offers an alternative form of conflict resolution that may be more accessible to the study body and can create more sustainable solutions to inter-personal and institutional conflict.

Who: Any OSU student can apply to take part in the free mediation training.  As many as 24 students will be selected to participate!

How: Apply by filling out the Mediation Training Application – Due March 19 and sending it to Harmony Burright via email (mediators@oregonstate.edu) or through campus mail (Wilkinson 104).


Conflict Resolution Speaker Series: Aja Decoteau

Yale grad Aja Decoteau will be joining us Monday, 2/27 at 5pm (location: Burt 193) for an informal seminar and discussion of her work with the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC)! CRITFC is a collaboration between several Columbia Basin tribes working to improve fisheries management. Aja is a young professional and a friend of Kara’s (OSU MBB member), and we look forward to hearing about her experiences!

This event is the third installment of the Conflict Resolution Speaker Series sponsored by Mediators Beyond Borders, OSU Chapter. Previous speakers included Dena Marshall of Marshall Mediation and Robyn Paulekas of the Meridian Institute.

MBB Workshop for Engineers Without Borders OSU Kenya Team

Last week, MBB hosted a workshop on collaboration for the members of EWB-OSU’s Lela, Kenya project travel team.  We presented information on situation mapping and Walker & Daniels’ Commitment to Collaboration Compact, then facilitated small group activities and discussions to help the EWB group gain a holistic understanding of their project community and situation, plus learn collaboration techniques that they could use with the Lela community.


Miriah presenting on the situation mapping activity.The EWB Kenya travel team working on their situation maps

Situation Mapping

The EWB Kenya travel team working on their situation maps

Discussing Collaboration

Discussing elements of collaboration in the CCC activity: The EWB team can use this technique to develop their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Lela, Kenya community.

The event was a huge success, and it marked the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing relationship between MBB OSU and EWB OSU.  Ultimately, we would someday like to see a relationship between our parent organizations, too!  We look forward to hosting additional workshops for EWB and other campus/community groups!

Grad Student Forums

Several OSU MBB members facilitated small group discussions about the quality of the graduate education experience at Oregon State University.  After four grad student forums, the results of the discussions were compiled into a report for the graduate school.  The OSU grad school will be using this report to help formulate their five-year plan and improve the OSU grad student experience!

You can check out the report here: Open Forums Project Final Report, February 2012